€175,000 for walkways for communities across Limerick

Jan 18, 2021

Minister Patrick O’Donovan has announced funding of almost €175,000 for walkways in Co. Limerick. The money has been allocated by Minister Heather Humphrey’s to ten projects in the County.

The projects that are to benefit are: Lough Gur €20,000, Doon €20,000, Knockfierna €20,000, Liskennett €6,588, Kilfinane €19,980, Ballyhoura Trails €19,980, Ballyhoura Cycling Trails €20,000, Ballyhoura Development Marketing Project €19,980, Broadford and Ashford €19,332, Ballyhahill €8,955.

Welcoming the news Patrick O’Donovan said “Since this Government has been formed Minister Heather Humphreys has made several announcements of funding for communities across Limerick with projects like the Great Southern Greenway receiving very large amounts of money in the last few weeks.”

“This time round it is smaller projects receiving money in projects all across the County. The applications here were made by Limerick City and County Council and the two LEADER Companies in the County, Ballyhoura Development and once the application was valid the Department of Community and Rural Development were able to make the application.”

“Even though we are in the middle of a lockdown I can safely say that every week a different community group from somewhere in the County is meeting me on zoom to see how they can progress projects in their areas. I think that people are looking at what is happening in other parishes and asking themselves how they can improve their local places.”

“In the last number of months’ communities across Limerick have seen a huge increase in the amount of people that are out walking and running. Lockdown including the 5km restrictions have shown some communities that now is a time to start putting plans in place for improvements in amenities for young and old alike in their area. I know that from speaking to some that they want to start developing their strategies and to be ready for the future rounds of funding. Based on the last number of months I would safely say that there will be a significant amount of applications for grant schemes like this in the time ahead.”

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