€30,461,852 for maintenance and renewal of road network in Limerick

Feb 15, 2021

Local Minister Patrick O’Donovan has announced €30,461,852 has been allocated for the maintenance and renewal of the road network in Limerick.

Minister O’Donovan said: “This funding will cover routine maintenance to safeguard our infrastructure, ensure that our roads are resilient against the deteriorating effects of climate change and also contains provisions for walking and cycling infrastructure and safety schemes.

Minister O’Donovan continued: “Maintaining our regional and local road network in  Limerick  is not only important for connectivity, but crucial to ensuring safety on our roads, reducing road collisions and protecting lives.

“Funding for the roll out of a signage programme relating to lower speed limits in housing areas as well as ‘safe passing’ signs for cyclists will also be provided for as part of today’s allocations.

“Routine maintenance works are fundamental to safeguarding our road infrastructure and keeping the network in a good condition

“All strategic road improvement investment schemes will include provisions for walking and cycling infrastructure to take account of the needs of all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

“I’m constantly working with the local engineers for Limerick City and County Council, together with our local Councillors to get money for specific projects on roads in the County. This is good news and follows on from the hard work that we are doing on the ground all over the Limerick.

“I want to thank my colleagues in Government for this critically important investment. I know it will make a huge difference to our road network in rural Co. Limerick .”

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