Increased payments will make a big difference in the lives of thousands

Oct 19, 2022

Limerick TD and Local Minister Patrick O’Donovan has said the upcoming dates for increased payments from Minister Heather Humphreys will make a big difference in the lives of thousands of people in Limerick.

The details of the dates are:

Week Commencing 17th October Double Lump Sum Payment

1st November Double Child Benefit Payment, Week Commencing

14th November; €500 Disability Support Grant, €400 Fuel Allowance lump Sum, €500 Working Family Payment Lump Sum, €200 Living Alone Lump Sum.

Week commencing 21st November  €500 Carer’s Support Grant.

Week commencing 5th December the Christmas Bonus will be paid.

Patrick O’Donovan said these were important dates. He said that Minister Heather Humphreys plans to assist those in the greatest level of need was far more ambitious than any of the opposition parties in the Dáil.

“Heather has a great understanding of the needs of families and of our rural communities. The changes she’s made and the supports she’s got for families and communities have been warmly welcomed.”

Minister O’Donovan added that further cost of living changes will be contained in the Finance Bill. He welcomed specifically the changes that Fine Gael secured for people paying income tax.

“Some opposition parties wanted to increase the tax bills for people who work. Sinn Féin wanted to increase employers PRSI, give no tax cut and wipe out tax credits. We did not want to do that. Those approaches would cost jobs and like what’s happening in the UK our entire economy would be undermined.

“Instead we have increased the take home pay of people who work by cutting tax and putting money back in their pockets.”

Patrick O’Donovan also welcomed news from Minister Simon Harris on increases in the third level grant and reductions in college fees. “Fine Gael wanted to help working families with big bills. So achieving this for third level students is really welcome and at primary level changes to class sizes, new teachers and free books is a massive boost.”

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